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Website removal
I have been ordered by the lawyer representing the Tolkien Estate to remove the sections offering any material that infringes their copyrights, especially the maps section.
As a result of this the maps and texts sections of the Tolkienion website are gone, and all my other Tolkien-related websites will remain closed and will actually expire as soon as possible.

Upcoming changes
Right now I am preparing updates for the lexicon section as well as the images section. Unfortunately I have only little time to work on the website and I am afraid it will remain that way for some time.
In the meantime I have added some maps to my maps website.

Tolkienion Maps section
I have decided not to add any more maps of my own into the maps section of the Tolkienion website. Instead I will publish my new maps at Maps that I receive from others will still be added at both websites though. And I of course hope many of you folks feel free to send me maps.

Links-Section re-done
Right now I am going through all links in my list again. There have been a lot of complaints recently that it contains so many dead links. Now I am removing those and I am visiting all sites again to give them a ranking.

News Board Installed
The common News Board database for the Tolkienion, MyTolkien, and Tolkien-Maps is up.
Alright, since everybody else seems to have a news board to inform people of the most recent changes in a website, I have decided I want to have one, too. And now here it is.